“The foundations of character are built not by lecture, but by bricks of good example, laid day by day.”

Leo B. Blessing


Addington Cotillion is named after Susan Werner’s Grandmother, Viona Addington.  Viona laid the foundation for Susan’s interest in etiquette, by exemplifying the definition of grace and generosity. To honor her  Grandmother’s memory and infuse the world with a an appreciation for the lost art of grace,  Susan decided to, pay it forward and  was certified in Etiquette and Protocol by the “Protocol School of Washington, in Washington D.C.” in 1998.  After several years of teaching etiquette and protocol, Susan was asked to start a cotillion at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, so Addington Cotillion debuted in 2006. Due to Susan’s backround, the program has developed more etiquette and interactive exercises than many traditional cotillions.  To make it more fun, Susan has added unique components, such as, King and Queen court, dancing the twist with the parents each session and incorporating International Protocol into the Supper Club for the older students.

We invite you to read more about Susan Werner’s philosophy in an article written in the Orange County Register. Please click on the link below:



Susan Werner’s Bio

Susan Werner earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach (1993), is a Psi Chi Honor Society member, and is certified in Etiquette and International Protocol by the Protocol School of Washington, in Washington D.C.   She has been teaching “Etiquette” at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport for the past 16 years and was an instructor of “International Protocol” at CSULB Extension Services (2000-2003).

From 1998-2002 Susan hosted a local access cable T.V. show “Susan Werner At Home” which addressed graceful living in Southern California. It offered a voice to local charities, gave instructions on floral design, table setting, etiquette, and other graceful living tips.  Her most recent t.v. appearance was on “Parents just don’t understand”.  A ten year old boy (Cole) switches life with his Mother for the day (including our cotillion).  Have fun watching:


In 2006, Susan founded “Addington Cotillion”, realizing her dream of infusing more kindness in to the lives of young ladies and gentlemen. Through the popularity of the cotillion program, Susan has been asked to branch out and train groups in the community at large.  Today, Susan specializes in private tutorials and corporate seminars. Some of her past clients include Missionaries, Rhodes Scholar applicants, business owners and executives in all lines of work. Mrs. Werner recently conducted a number of presentations and tutorials addressing professional and dining protocol and etiquette to several fraternal organizations (USC and UCLA) in the Southern California region.

What should not be over looked, is the role Susan has taken in the community with her contribution to local Charities. She is a former Board member of the Long Beach Grand Cru which benefits the Legal Aid Society of Los Angeles. She is also a former County Public Relations Officer for the Philharmonic Committee’s of Orange County, served as Head Advisor for the Junior Philharmonic of Orange County, and Vice President of Huntington Beach High School’s Orchestral APA program.

In the end, Susan’s greatest ambition is to enrich the lives of those around her, through the kindness to other’s expressed in etiquette, through her volunteer efforts or for the sheer delight of enjoying the Traditional English Toffee she made with her Grandmother so long ago.  For information about her toffee you can visit Addington Confections Website at www.Englishtoffee.net.

Thank you, from all of us at Addington Cotillion for being part of our vision, to create a kind, dynamic and meaningful future for our children.