College Etiquette Seminars

College Seminars

According to a study done by Penn State, 70 percent of getting a job keeping a job and getting promoted is due to social skills. This is not to say that one’s expensive college tuition is not useful, but in the real world knowing how to win friends and influence people has more to do with knowing the proper forms of conduct. In response to this study, many colleges are interviewing for potential college candidates at table.  In addition, many Universities know the importance of these skills in the workforce and so ensure their graduates’ success by offering  dining tutorials as a graduation send off.

Susan Werner of Addington Cotillion has taught International Protocol at Cal State Long Beach Extenstion Services addressing this important component of business life.  Susan also conducts seminars for Fraternaties and Sororities to cover such topics as:

  • Interviewing skills
  • Dressing for Success
  • Eye contact/Proper Hand Shaking
  • Business Card Savvy
  • Mono Chronic versus Poly Chronic Styles of Doing Business
  • Doing Business with Asian Cultures
  • Manners Make The Man
  • Things Every Lady Should Know
  • Dining Tutorials