Supper Club- curriculum

Supper Club

“The foundations of character are built not by lecture, but by bricks of good example, laid day by day.”

Leo B. Blessing

Learning polished, social skills is much like learning a foreign language — the more such skills are practiced, the more graceful and rewarding they become. In Supper Club, we build on the skills learned in Cotillion to include a greater variety of topics reflecting a more mature, social environment. Supper Club is the ideal “practice” that will bolster your teen’s self- confidence whether they are attending school dances, interviewing for college, or just enjoying a small family gathering.

These sessions are designed for Junior High students

Four sessions are conducted each year


This Session will be dedicated to the lost art of precedence. Knowing who is introduced to whom in a formal/business introduction can be critical to securing a contract or showing respect to a social elder.  

We teach the students the hard set hierarchy (known as precedence).  This is the introduction system used around the globe, so it is useful no matter what the context.

Many college interviews are done during cocktail parties so we teach the delicate art of balancing yummy hors d’oeuvres while meeting new acquaintances.  We will also cover host / hostess duties and thank you notes.

A turn with the “Waltz ” will be covered this month. 


We focus on polish and poise, since this month will include many social obligations.   The finer points of presenting a polished confident image are broken down for ease of use.  

While our personal polish may gain other’s attention, it is poise that will keep it.  Poise is the graceful stature and verbal grace that convey a thoughtful present demeanor.   We review posture,  cover speech idioms and  stress listening skills.   

A soup and bread course tutorial will be included.

Traveling with the “Fox Trot” will be covered this month.


Understanding netiquette (electronic etiquette) at this age is vital.  With the new freedom of Junior High School comes the danger of misuse in the area of electronic interaction.  

We try and help our students understand the everlasting “memory”  of the electronic world.  Discussion of how colleges and potential future employer’s will view their innocent historical postings will be our focus.  We will also cover safety measures to consider while engaging others on the internet.

This month we will cover the delicate art of an Italian Buffet.

The “Two Step” will be the dance of the month.


This is our final session and we will review the new skills we have learned.

The students will be expected to conduct mock introductions of dignitaries, we will test posture and challenge their poise, we may even have a quick pop quiz on proper use of cell phones.

All our new dining skills will be tested in one scrumptious three course meal.  Course by course we will cover each element and how it fits together to make us all look super cool.

A review of the dances covered and how to convert them to free dance will be covered this month.