Welcome to Addington Cotillion!

Addington Cotillion is named after Susan Werner’s Grandmother, Viona Addington.  Viona laid the foundation for Susan’s interest in etiquette, by exemplifying the definition of “Grace” and generosity. To honor her  Grandmother’s memory and infuse the world with an appreciation for the lost art of “Grace”,  Susan decided to, pay it forward and was certified in Etiquette and Protocol by the “Protocol School of Washington, in Washington D.C.” in 1998.  After several years of teaching etiquette and protocol, Susan was asked to start a cotillion at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club, so Addington Cotillion debuted in 2007. Due to Susan’s background, the program has developed more etiquette and interactive exercises than many traditional cotillions.  To make it more fun, Susan has added unique components, such as King and Queen-court, dancing the twist with the parents each session and incorporating International Protocol into the Supper Club for the older students. 

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