Grade Chairs 2019-2020

Addington Cotillion wishes to extend its heart felt gratitude to each of these grade chairs.  Their efforts today will leave behind a legacy of kindness. 

General Chairs

Marsha and John Santry

(949) 306-4899

Cotillion Grade Chairs 

Third Grade Chairs

Amy and Matthew Arndt

Ondrea and Ben Schroder

[email protected]

Svetlana Zhuravkova and Harry Pflueger

Fourth Grade Chairs 

Lisa Lisherness 

Jennifer and Chris Schaumburg

Fifth Grade Chairs

Nichol and Brian Cokas

(714) 206-7415

[email protected]

Michelle and Bradford Barto 

Supper Club Grade Chairs 

Amy and Matthew Arndt

Svetlana Zhuravkova and Harry Pflueger