Our Junior High School Program

Professional Benefit 

In a Penn State study, they have found that 70% of getting a job, keeping a job and getting promoted is due to social skills.  So a proper education in social skills is of critical  importance. 

Addington Cotillions Supper Club addresses this need by providing a uniquely crafted program that increases your child's understanding of others expectations in any given context.  Whether they are here or abroad they will be able to anticipate the needs of their audience giving them a distinctive edge over their competition. 

Social Relationships 

It is easy to "win friends and influence people" when you know what they expect.  We take the guesswork out of knowing what others are expecting. This is an organic way of building self confidence and grace


Why are dance and social skills paired together ? Because they are both a form of nonverbal communication, one of the most powerful persuaders of our attitudes and assumptions.

The dance program helps the students build confidence in their ability to interact with others in a new way.  With practice they will be able to move with grace and read their partners next move.  Isn't that the key to attaining your goals?