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Supper Club

Cotillion for Junior High School Age Learning polished, social skills is much like learning a foreign language — the more such skills are practiced, the more graceful and rewarding they become. In Supper Club, we build on the skills learned in Cotillion to include a greater variety of topics reflecting a more mature, social environment. Supper Club is the ideal “practice” that will bolster your teen’s self- confidence whether they are attending school dances, interviewing for college, or just enjoying a small family gathering. There are three sessions, each includes a food course, dance and protocol coaching. Learn more


Good manners ensure the cultivation of fulfilling, enriching and meaningful relationships. At Addington Cotillion and Supper Club, your child will be empowered by learning the formalities, expected behavior and decorum necessary to establish these meaningful relationships in their personal and professional lives. Cotillion meets six times a year. Each session is one hour and fifteen minutes and includes manners and ballroom dance. For more information about our curriculum topics and class dates please view our Calendar

Adult Protocol Coaching

According to a study done by Penn State, 70 percent of getting a job keeping a job and getting promoted is due to social skills. This is not to say that one’s expensive college tuition is not useful, but in the real world knowing how to win friends and influence people has more to do with knowing the proper forms of conduct. In response to this need Susan Werner of Addington Cotillion has taught International Protocol at Cal State Long Beach Extension Services and conducts seminars for Fraternities and Sororities as well as corporate seminars. Top ten topics...