Gloves will be provided on first night of cotillion if you order with this link: 

Gloves are not required for casual attire.

Please add gloves for complete formal attire.  

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The benefit of having a dress code

As you may have noticed California takes a very relaxed position on dress code, but the rest of the world subscribes to a more strict standard.  As the saying goes, "you only have one chance to make a first impression", so the visual cues you offer can be critical.  In fact 70% of peoples impressions come from the first 5 seconds, which can only mean they are reading the visual cues provided.  

Because "doing is knowing" we offer an opportunity to dress in cotillion, formal,  and casual attire at different sessions during the year.  

Content versus context

There is one more benefit, wearing specific clothes for an event changes ones perspective and in some cases behavior.  It is a cue to use a certain set of behaviors outside our daily routine and habits.  Our job is to encourage the adoption of good habits so the context of any situation is seamlessly adopted allowing for the content of a robust conversation to be the focus.

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We can send them to you, or you can pick them on the first day of cotillion.

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